Making impress exit after auto-play slideshow?

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Tue Nov 26 18:55:23 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

	I've asked this on the user forums without much success, so I thought I'd try the developers.  I'd like to make Impress exit automatically after playing a slideshow (invoked with "--show").  This is what Powerpoint does when playing a .ppsx file.

	I need this for a hallway display without a keyboard or mouse, so having to press escape or click something isn't an option.  We currently use Powerpoint for this, but I'd like to switch to LibreOffice.  The only thing holding us back is Impress's inability (as far as I can find) to exit automatically after finishing the slideshow.

	For more background: The hallway display shows several slideshows and some mp4 movies in a continuous loop.  When one slideshow finishes, it goes on to the next slideshow or movie (the movies are played with VLC).

	Any advice about how we can get Impress to exit automatically would be greatly appreciated.


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