Problems with LineStyle Dash-Dot definitions in standard.sod

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Mon Oct 7 15:58:02 UTC 2019

Hi Chris,

Chris Sherlock schrieb am 07-Oct-19 um 13:50:
>> On 28 Aug 2019, at 9:17 am, Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
> ...
>> So what to do?
>> Map the styles from standard.sod to a roughly fitting MS Office preset definition on export to ppt?
>> Get rid of the current set in standard.sod and provide instead only the MS preset dash definitions in standard.sod?
>> Is it even possible to use custom dash definitions in binary format? If so, how do you do it and is it worth to implement?
>> Kind regards
>> Regina
> What exactly is standard.sod?

The file is in the installation folder in share/palette. It contains the 
definitions for dash-styles, e.g.
<draw:stroke-dash draw:name="Fine Dashed" draw:style="rect" 
draw:dots1="1" draw:dots1-length="0.2inch" draw:dots2="1" 
draw:dots2-length="0.2inch" draw:distance="0.2inch"/>
This definition would be included in the document file, in case you use 
a "Fine Dashed" line, when you save it in ODF format.

It would be translated to a custDash element, if you save it to an OOXML 
format, e.g. pptx.

Only for saving to binary MS Office format, e.g. ppt, it is not clear, 
what to do with these dash styles.

Kind regards

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