Custom Java Sidebar for Libre Office

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Mon Oct 14 07:34:42 UTC 2019


> I am developing an extension for LibreOffice where in i need to load
> HTML content. I use JFrame for this.  
> I want to make my java dialog to act as a sidebar for LibreOffice. 
> Or is there a way i can make my Java dialog as a child of Libre Office.
can you be more explicit what you mean by "make my Java dialog as a
child of LibreOffice"?

Maybe looking at how the existing "WollMux" Java extension handles this
may help:

For WollMux 18.0, almost all dialogs are implemented as Java dialogs,
while 18.1 uses the LibreOffice sidebar for most things.

I don't have deeper knowledge of how the sidebar can be used from
extensions, but I'd guess that embedding a JFrame into it is not easily
possible. (Doing it in own Java dialogs should work, however.)

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