Reverting most pressing bug: button flashing - mouse wheel zooming breaks

Justin Luth justin_luth at
Mon Oct 28 17:11:16 UTC 2019

There has been a "most pressing bug" in the ESC minutes for months 
without any noticeable developer investigation happening.

  + button flashing - mouse wheel zooming breaks


     + Armin ?

     + 21 duplicate

     + even just identifying the problematic part of the commit would be helpful (Xisco)

The patch causing this bug has it's own meta-bug report in fact.

Since there is nobody interested in actually fixing the regressions, 
today I attempted to simply revert it for the 6.3 branch 
( That wasn't too hard to do. The 
biggest concern of course is how many other patches have landed in the 
past year that depend on this patch. Unit tests suggest NONE, Since no 
one was willing to fix any of the bugs, do we have any choice except to 
revert?  The next step is to revert from master unless someone is 
willing to take responsibility for this patch for LO 6.4.

As an amateur, I'm not really interested in taking responsibility for 
reverting the patch either, since I cannot guarantee that I will be able 
to resolve any problems arising from that action. So I'm hoping that 
someone competent will review and take over.



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