Calc's built-in keyboard shortcuts

Steve Fanning stevemfanning at
Sun Sep 15 13:18:46 UTC 2019


Can anybody help me please? I am working within the LO Documentation 
Team updating Appendix A (Keyboard Shortcuts) of the Calc Guide.

This appendix is concerned with built-in keyboard shortcuts that are 
specific to Calc. I can check that the shortcuts listed in the current 
version of this appendix still operate in LO v6. However it is not 
obvious to me how I can check whether the list of shortcuts in the 
appendix is complete for LO v6.

Is it possible and practical for me to extract a list of Calc’s built-in 
keyboard shortcuts from somewhere in the source code or software 
documentation? If so, could somebody advise which file(s) I should look 
at? This would enable me to identify if there any such shortcuts that 
are implemented but not currently identified in the appendix.


Steve Fanning
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