GSOC Application Problem

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Wed Apr 1 14:43:01 UTC 2020

On 01/04/2020 15.37, Yusuf Keten wrote:
> I've applied to GSOC. However, the timeline was pushed the end of the
> program back by 2 weeks. So, there is an error in my GSoC proposal
> timeline. They changed the timeline 2 days before the deadline. Is there
> anyone who has any idea what I can do about this problem?

Just for the minutes, from #libreoffice-dev right now:

[15:50] <buovjaga> yusufketen: I discussed with thorsten and we don't
think it is a problem
[15:51] <yusufketen> buovjaga: I was very worried about this, thank you
so much.

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