Corrupted commits prevent import/export of this repo

Josh jjenner689 at
Tue Apr 14 08:56:45 UTC 2020

Hi there,

I was hoping someone would help me with the trouble I have
importing/exporting this repo. To setup context I'm trying to import this
repo to Azure Devops where our team will work and then I would periodically
push updates made to the main repo (
to my azure devops repo.

The problem I get is that Azure Devops won't allow the import of this repo
due to corrupted commits. The error can be seen below:

Oops! Your import of repository
failed due to The commit object 657924e4d73d6d501c9a3ceaf62e29b8f243cead
was rejected: Commit parse failed due to author identity failed to parse:
Andre Fischer<andre.f.fischer <Andre Fischer<andre.f.fischer at>>

I may add that this is also the case if you try to import to GitHub as well
(I understand you can fork in the case of github). You will also get this
error if you clone locally and try to push to an empty repo (github or
azure devops).

I've done some investigating as best I can and I'm almost certain it's due
to the inconsistent use of angle brackets or spaces. By running tests
locally with fast-export and import I think I've located all the corrupted
authors below:

Andre Fischer<andre.f.fischer <Andre Fischer<andre.f.fischer at>>
Andre Fischer<Andre.W.Fischer <Andre Fischer<Andre.W.Fischer at Sun.COM>>
Gregor Hartmann<gh <Gregor Hartmann<gh at>>
Joerg Skottke <Joerg Skottke [jsk] jsk at>>

Is there a way we could update these in the main repo so that me and others
wishing to export/import the repo could do so? If so I'm not sure on the
best way to go about it my knowledge of git is not particularly advanced?

Appreciate you reading into this


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