Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Wed Apr 15 09:24:03 UTC 2020

Of the four <https://ci.libreoffice.org/job/gerrit_master/> buildsteps 
(i.e., the Jenkins bots that check your Gerrit changes), only 
gerrit_linux_clang_dbgutil runs uicheck (i.e., executing the various 
UITests).  Unfortunately, those UITests have a tendency to hang if they 
fail, causing a Gerrit change's gerrit_linux_clang_dbgutil build to 
abort.  (Unfortunately, again, without much indication of what failed, 

So if Jenkins fails for one of your Gerrit changes with an aborted 
gerrit_linux_clang_dbgutil, chances are high that that is due to some 
failed UITest.  To verify that locally:

* If you develop on Linux, run `make check` (but you should have done so 
before submitting the change to Gerrit anyway).  If it hangs, debug to 
find out why and fix.

* If you develop on Windows:

** First run `make check` to find out whether it could be anything other 
than a UITest that hung the Jenkins build ("check" includes "uicheck" 
only on Linux, not on other platforms like Windows, and only 
gerrit_linux_clang_dbgutil runs a full "check"; and you should have run 
`make check` locally before submitting the change to Gerrit anyway).

** Since 
"Handle more Windows \r\n vs. \n differences in UITests", you should be 
able to run `make uicheck` on Windows, with the following caveats:

*** It does not run headless, so pops up windows on your machine. 
Better stay away from the machine while the build runs.

*** It appears to be unreliable when run with a build parallelism > 1. 
So if you configure --without-parallelism, pass -j1 or no -j at all to 
`make uicheck`.  I have no idea what you need to do if you use the 
implicit, unhelpful --with-parallelism, though.  (And I didn't bother to 
check what causes the unreliability.  One source most likely are the 
dubious UITests that use the clipboard, see the email thread starting at 
"Linux SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=svp and the clipboard".)

** Again, if it hangs, debug to find out why and fix.

* If you develop on macOS (or anything else), you're likely lost for now.

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