ESC meeting minutes: 2020-04-16

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Thu Apr 16 23:44:19 UTC 2020

Hi Regina,

You wrote:
> > * Tenders for budget 2020 (Miklos, Thorsten)
> >    + voting deadline was ideally today
> >    + still chasing a few people to vote (Thorsten)
> >    + propose to wait till the end of the call
> >    + tonight: hand over to the board, board meeting tomorrow
> Where would I have been able to vote? Where was it announced?
I mailed an edit link to all ESC voting members, as listed here:

It is of course not ideal if you or other interested developers would
have wanted to vote as well; then again the consensus in the past was
to give regular attendees of the ESC the final say. If you can make
the time, would be great to have you joining (Thursday 16:00)!


-- Thorsten
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