Question about localized functions parsing in multiple words in Base

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Sat Apr 25 18:34:42 UTC 2020


Re reading
(libreoffice- AVG function produces SQL syntax error in query design
view), the problem is localization with parsing using Lexx/Yacc (Bison).
In this specific case, "AVG" SQL keyword is translated in Greek with "Μέσος
Last bt from comment 32 (see shows it
detects first "Μέσος" then "όρος".
I took a look at Calc and localized functions can have several words
(without even using unbreakable space).

Do you think we should just use unbreakable space in translation (the
simplest solution by far)? Should we teach Lexx/Yacc to deal with multi
words tokens? (don't know how to do this) Other?


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