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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Tue Apr 28 10:32:23 UTC 2020

Hi Ash,

	Great to have you resurrect the bind mounting optimization - that's great:

	I'd really like to reduce the number of bind-mounts though per jail,
ideally to just two. Currently we have 6 mount points for: /etc, /lib,
/lib64, /var, /usr and /lo.

	AFAICS these are all from the template except for 'lo' - so we
could/should be able to do:

	mount -o bind systemplate jail-root
	mount -o bind /path/to/lo -> jail-root/lo
	mount -o bind /path/to-jail-data -> jail-root/tmp

	Hopefully that would work nicely.

	Interestingly the kernel gives us some other nice tools here cf.

	If we turn our systemplate into a mount-point (look away this is grim):

	mount -o bind systemplate systemplate-shared

	Now systemplate-shared is a mount-point: what a win ;-) so now we can do:

	mount --make-shared systemplate-shared

	This sets a magic flag such that re-mounting systemplate-shared will
share any sub-mounts it has. So we can do this setup as a one-off at

	mount -o bind systemplate systemplate-shared
	mount --make-shared systemplate-shared
       mount -o bind /path/to/lo systemplate-shared/lo

	And now we can get down to two mounts per jail:

	mount -o bind systemplate-shared jail-root
	mkdir writeable-tmp
	mount -o bind writable-temp jail-root/tmp

	And - assuming we can get $HOME into /tmp and wherever else we want to
write to (IIRC we do somethings of this kind already) - then we're done.

	Crazy ? ;-)

	Of course as a quicker hack to get something in for now we could just
use bind mounting in the 1st pass for /usr and for /lo - and copy the
(much smaller) /etc /lib /lib64 in instead of binding with the current

	Of course, my thesis that very large numbers of mounts will make the
kernel slow anyway ;-) is perhaps obsolete eg.

	has a nice curio ;-)

	Thoughts ?


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