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Tue Aug 4 19:29:27 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I have created quite an amount bug reports related to object/image 
anchoring. They current value of those is 0, as they basically 
demonstrate nothing new. It are simply different expressions/ examples/ 
consternations/ showcases of the same underlying problem (as far I’m 
able to tell).
However the might become handy if someone some day decides to work on 
this. It will give QA and they developer a number of test cases for 
analysis and testing. And easier to running into them, compared to 
creating them on demand; so more documentation of test cases.
They other view is of course that i’m repeating myself, bloating the 
bugtracker with useless reports/ samples wasting QA time (as the 
currently got to formal conformation process) and ruining they QA stats 
As bugtracker is servicingthe needs of Developers, it more or less based 
on the desires of the developers.
A) Are repeated reports (variants) of any use from developer point of 
view (for specific this case)
B) If so, how can those they best be processed. I like them 
separateinstead of posting them in one bug report (unpracticalmess) or 
stacking them up to a bug as duplicate (risk of getting lost). They 
could be placed under separate meta within anchoring wrap meta. However 
the meta is still reasonable sized, so that urgent from my point of view.
C) Is there a new category needed for those examples, as numbers of they 
bugtracker don’t represent they actual number of problems. Bugs being 
set to NEW without being NEW in the sense of reporting anything new.
Sidenote: I’m don’t intend to add more; as I think I covered they 
terrain a pretty good (maybe even one or to duplicates)


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