LO7 rejects Oracle Java 14.0.1 as defective

Marc Grober marc at interak.com
Sat Aug 8 02:10:44 UTC 2020

Have had a working and regularly upgraded LO6.x for quite a while now
using Oracle Java 12 and now 14.0.1 (MacOS Catalina)

Today I tried to move to LO7.0.0 and  BOINNNGGGGGG....   I have received
the dreaded message...

This says that my installed java is DEFECTIVE and I should install a
working version.

Of course, my java installation is working JUST FINE and has been
functional with OpenOffice and Zotero.

So, there is obviously something that was tweaked in LO7 that does not
like Oracle java 14.0.1.

What might that be, and where might one find the issue documented?

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. "

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