Unclear string to translate in inspectorproperties.hrc

Milos Sramek sramek.milos at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 09:52:37 UTC 2020


we got for translation 200+ new strings, which are located in file
inspectorproperties.hrc and seem to be related to the Style Inspector
sidebar deck.

These strings are not full sentences and seem to have a certain logic
structure, for example

Fill Bitmap Rectangle Point
Char Interoperability Grab Bag
Char Weight Complex

So, we do not know, how to translate them. Should they be translated at all?

Currently, I can see only two items in Style Inspector sidebar deck in
Font name
Font size

In the file inspectorproperties.hrc there is
"Char Font Name"
but no
"Char Font Size"

Are the strings, which i can see in the Inspector, derived somehow from
the strings in  inspectorproperties.hrc?


On 8/4/20 7:59 AM, Shivam Kumar Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> Work Done this week :-
> * tdf#135178 tdf#135179 tdf#134820 SetChgLink was not correctly called
> and used which led to crash on moving the cursor to different images
> or charts. This issue was fixed, MERGED
> * tdf#134831 The SI would expand only to 2/3rd of the sidebar though
> its expected to expand to the whole length. This change was fixed and
> merged.
> * tdf#134560 tdf#135107 Previously the API names for the properties
> were shown in the SI, which was not very easy to understand. These
> properties are now human-readable and translatable wrt UI language.
> To Do for this week :-
> * Add color boxes to "Color" properties tdf#134561
> * Some ui issues still exist relating to the scroll bars. This should
> be fixed within this week tdf#135344
> * Add a way to also display properties which are stored in structs in
> the UNO API tdf#135406
> All the bugs are being listed at META tdf#134554, It would be great
> help if more number of people use the SI and report any bugs
> experienced or confirm the already listed unconfirmed ones.
> Thank you Mike, Heiko and Tomaz for their continuous guidance :)
> sincerely,
> Shivam Kumar Singh
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