Unclear string to translate in inspectorproperties.hrc

Milos Sramek sramek.milos at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:25:45 UTC 2020

Thank you, Mike & Shivam, for explanation.
We should probably translate the strings in a similar cryptic way.

The inspector pane is not displayed (I have the most recent build), so
I'll wait for a fix.


On 8/12/20 12:04 PM, Mike Kaganski wrote:
> Hi,
> On 12.08.2020 12:52, Milos Sramek wrote:
>> we got for translation 200+ new strings, which are located in file
>> inspectorproperties.hrc and seem to be related to the Style Inspector
>> sidebar deck.
>> These strings are not full sentences and seem to have a certain logic
>> structure, for example
>> Fill Bitmap Rectangle Point
>> Char Interoperability Grab Bag
>> Char Weight Complex
>> So, we do not know, how to translate them. Should they be translated at all?
> Basically answered in i10n mailing list; citing here:
>> Some background.
>> These strings are related to the Styles Inspector - a GSoC project,
>> being implemented by Shivam Kumar Singh
>> (https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=134554). The
>> inspector is already available in Experimental mode (see comment 2 in
>> the meta issue).
>> The Inspector presents a detailed low-level view of properties applied
>> at the cursor. As such, it shows the multitude of attributes applied to
>> text (or other object in the future); most these attributes have their
>> names in multiple dialogs throughout the UI, but this is the first time
>> when all of them need to be named in a single place. And translation in
>> dialogs can not be used directly, e.g. because the translation there in
>> dialogs may use context absent in the Inspector.
>> One possible improvement could be to provide a hint somehow near the IDs
>> in inspectorproperties.hrc, where known/possible, to the related strings
>> in the dialogs/other UI parts, to help translators understand what this
>> item is about. But that's a separate task/TODO: the current work on
>> Inspector does not consider dialogs; the Inspector is created based on
>> the properties available using UNO API, and thus Shivam does not know
>> where the items are located in existing UI. (This is to clarify that
>> there's no information already used by developers, potentially useful to
>> translation, that was somehow lost during development.)
>> The names that Shivam has put there are possibly somewhat "cryptic"
>> exactly because of the mentioned specifics: the names are mostly the API
>> names, which were split by CamelCase to produce strings like "Char
>> Weight Complex", intended to be used in context of table like
>>     Char Interoperability Grab Bag    "some string"
>>     Char Weight Complex    10
>> So the mentioned TODO would also allow to gradually find the existing
>> names of the attributes, and make them consistent in the Inspector.
> Milos Sramek wrote:
>> Currently, I can see only two items in Style Inspector sidebar deck in
>> Writer
>> Font name
>> Font size
>> In the file inspectorproperties.hrc there is
>> "Char Font Name"
>> but no
>> "Char Font Size"
>> Are the strings, which i can see in the Inspector, derived somehow from
>> the strings in  inspectorproperties.hrc?
> You obviously look somewhere else. The Inspector looks like this:
> https://imgur.com/xu2Wvh2
> You might need to move cursor/type something for the initially empty
> deck to initialize (a bug).
> Note that there are exactly "Char Font Name" and "Char Font Height", but
> no "Font name" or "Font size" currently.
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