Problems with new Writer feature "Page-content-bottom vertical relation "

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Sun Aug 16 12:59:13 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Miklos has brought a proposal to the ODF TC, which is now 'resolved'
(Proposal and resolution are in the issue.)

This specifies the bottom edge of the page content area as basis for the 
alignments "from top", "top", "middle", "bottom" and "below".

But now I have noticed problems, when looking at bug
FILEOPEN DOCX Vertically aligned shapes appear on top of each other if 
anchored to header/footer

The related implementations do not use the 'bottom edge of the page 
content area' as reference line, but they use the bottom page margin as 
reference area.

If a docx test document with picture vertical positioned "center" to 
"bottom margin" in Word is opened and saved as odt, it has the attribute 
' loext:veritical-rel="page-content-bottom" '.

Have I wrongly interpreted Miklos proposal? Or are you going to make an 
additional specification proposal?

Kind regards

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