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Sun Aug 16 16:03:51 UTC 2020

Hi Thorsten

Em 15/08/2020 20:59, Thorsten Behrens escreveu:
> Hi Olivier,
> Olivier Hallot wrote:
>> However one of the posts [2] refers to
>> which gives me a 404. I wonder if you have a copy of this document in
>> your vault that can be sent to me for reading.
> Sadly I don't. I can try to reach out to tzvetelina, but my recollection
> was that she actually _did_ write some help pages for the feature.
> Or is what you need going beyond that?

Thanks for the tip. I already tried to contact Tzvetelina in social
networks / Google, but got no answer so far. Let's see.

The challenge is to turn her work usable for end-users. The existing
references does not states clearly the purpose of the options and the
results of each option setting. I was not able to see changes and I
don't now if the options actually makes any difference.


> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten

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