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Rosemarie Haberecht rhaberecht at mobileguides.de
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we plan to use Libre-Office.

Requirements for Libre-Office are:
- internal RDF Metadata tag logic/visualization in layout
- a status bar, a task pane and a customized menu, as well as key 
- a status bar: arranging buttons
- a task pane: arranging GUI for the visualization of additional 
attributes for a metadata object
https://mobileguides.de/downloads/libreOffice/Taskpane.png- customized 
menus for quick functions
- Key combinations for ingest and tagging functions

Now we ask ourselves the question which parts of the requirement can be 
done where?


Kernel - visualization of the tags, interface to access the metadata objects
Plugin - Taskpane extension?
Extension - Addon when is what used, is it the same?
Macros - Basic internal macro functions controllable via menu

Does anyone have experience in clarifying the terminology first and then 
specifying the requirement more precisely?

We developers would be very happy to work together with other developers.

The possibility on honorar basis exists.

Rosemarie Haberecht

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