gerrit returns "Forbidden" when I log into my new account

Deborah Barkley-Yeung dbarkleyyeung at
Wed Aug 26 05:49:21 UTC 2020


I am following the instructions at to set up a
new account.

I have set up a
account with a name "dbarkley" and confirmed my email.

But when I go to and login, I get
redirected to

which only says


I think I am successfully logging in, because if I check the  "Check my
last logins" box, it shows me a list of 5 other times I logged in. It's
only when I click "Continue" that it gives me "Forbidden"

I have tried in an incognito window, and get the same result. I have tried
several times, I have tried closing the browser window, but nothing helps.
I have tried in both Chrome and Edge.

I can log into the wiki fine.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.
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