Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Fri Aug 28 16:02:59 UTC 2020

Hi Manfred,

Manfred Rebentisch schrieb am 28-Aug-20 um 06:45:

> Why is the "h" separated? T6 is:
>      <style:style style:name="T6" style:family="text">
>        <style:text-properties officeooo:rsid="000aa20f"/>
>      </style:style>

If I will work on the XML-files directly, I avoid to write 
officeooo:rsid. That attribute makes the file unnecessary complex. The 
setting is in Tools > Options > Writer > Comparison. Uncheck the option 
"Store it when changing the document".

In your example the element was only introduced to track, that you have 
something done with the "h".

Kind regards

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