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Gavin Paul Jones info.esq.gavinpauljones at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 19:57:15 UTC 2020

Good day dear,

My name is Gavin Paul Jones an Australian Citizen resident in Cardiff,
United Kingdom. I am the Senior partner to the Lawson Homes, and I want to
introduce to you an unclaimed Investment Fund valued Nine Million, Five
Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Six Hundred and Ten United States Dollars only
(US$9,550,610.00) deposited with a Bank in Africa. This transaction is 100%
risk free as there will be no violation of any Civil or Criminal Laws.

You must understand that the depositor was one of my personal clients who
worked with the Oil and Gas Sectors in Africa. He died in a ghastly car
accident Seven (7) Years ago. Since his death no one has come forth for the
claim, and all my efforts to locate his relatives have proved abortive. In
view of this, I solicit for your consent to partner with me for the claim
of this deposit as the beneficiary.

The cost of changing the Investment Fund to your name will be bear by the
Attorney from the Lawson Homes who will be assisting us in the process. If
you consent to the above request, all proceeds will be processed on your
behalf as the beneficiary. With your approval I will propose the sharing of
the proceeds as follows: 45% each and 10% will be donated to the charity

I have all the necessary documentation to expedite the process in a highly
professional manner, and I will provide all the relevant documents to
substantiate your claim as the beneficiary with the help of a good
Attorney. The whole process may take up to Thirty (30) working days, from
the date of receipt of your consent.

Kindly note that this transaction is strictly confidential and shall not be
shared with a third party without my approval. Many thanks for considering
my request and I look forward to hearing from you with your contact

Best regards.

Yours faithfully,
Gavin Paul Jones
The Senior Partner
Lawson Homes Law Firm
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