How to debug slow startup times?

Paul Menzel pmenzel+libreoffice at
Fri Dec 11 17:36:09 UTC 2020

Dear LibreOffice folks,

My parents, the most important users, noted slow startup times of 
LibreOffice. It turns out, that lots of installed fonts slow it down 
considerably [1].

Unrelated from this concrete issue, do you have tools to debug the 
startup time? I tried `strace -ff -ttt -o …`, but it turned out to be 
quite convoluted, but also pointed to some six seconds gap. Do you have 
tools or scripts to start LibreOffice with the right switches or 
programs, and print out the greatest offenders?

The current startup time is around four seconds now, which is still 
quite long compared to the OS starting up in less time.

Kind regards,



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