Is there any effort or discussion yet about collaborative use of libreoffice applications?

Stu nixo at
Sat Dec 12 13:50:44 UTC 2020

I asked on reddit and they sent me here.
google docs has this neat feature where multiple people can collaboratively
modify a document/sheet/whatever at the same time.

I figured this would be a neat, if difficult feature to add to libreoffice,
if for no other reason than there's no cloud servers central to the
libreoffice ecosystem that they can communicate to each other with.

So for at least that part, I have a solution. I wrote this thing (or rather
am still writing this thing) called zendemic and one of
the things it does is allow groups of computers to talk to each other
without a central cloud service required to do so.

This functionality I figure can be the glue that allows different people's
instances of libreoffice to communicate with each other in real time, if
collaborative editing was ever going to be a thing.

Any interest? Is anybody working on this? General thoughts? Am I barking up
the wrong tree?
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