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Thu Dec 17 10:22:53 UTC 2020

Miklos Vajna-6 wrote
> ...
>         + Thunderbird Addressbook no longer connectable
>             +
>             + Rene removed the mork driver, needs closing?
> ...

Removing Mork => removing Thunderbird Address book but there's been too
mozab removing (I'm ok with this), should we remove all related idl eg:
offapi/com/sun/star/mozilla/MozillaBootstrap.idl or
offapi/com/sun/star/mozilla/XProfileDiscover.idl ?

Also there's the wrong named "Firebird" Address Data Source in Writer
wizards, should we remove this (or rename it if it works with Mozilla
Suite/Seamonkey but does it worth it?), knowing that the only remaining
entry would be "Other" (not very UI friendly...)?
Of course, all this should be documented in 7.2 release notes.

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