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> FOSDEM 2021 will be a virtual event, taking place online on Saturday,
> February 6, and Sunday, February 7. The LibreOffice DevRoom is scheduled
> for Sunday, February 7, from 9AM to 7PM (times to be confirmed).
> - The reference time will be Brussels local time (CET).
> - Talks will be pre-recorded in advance, and streamed during the event
> - Q/A session will be live
> - A facility will be provided for people watching to chat between themselves
> - A facility will be provided for people watching to submit questions
> December 27: Submission deadline
> December 31: Announcement of selected talks
> January 4: Publication of DevRoom schedule
> January 15: Presentations upload deadline
> We are inviting proposals for talks about LibreOffice or the ODF
> standard document format, on topics such as code, localization, QA, UX,
> tools, extensions, migrations and general advocacy. Please keep in mind
> that product pitches are not allowed at FOSDEM.
> The length of talks is limited to a maximum of 25 minutes, as we would
> like to have some minutes for questions after each presentation, and to
> fit as many presenters as possible in the schedule. Exceptions must be
> explicitly requested and justified. You may be assigned LESS time than
> you request.
> - Presentations have to be pre-recorded and tested for streaming before
> the event.
> - Once your talk is accepted, someone will help you to produce the
> pre-recorded content.
> - Contents will be reviewed to ensure they have the required quality,
> and uploaded before January 15, to be prepared and ready for broadcast.
> - During the stream of talks, speakers must be available online for the
> Q/A session.
> All talk submissions have to be made in the Pentabarf event planning
> tool:
> While filing the proposal, please provide the title of your talk, a
> short abstract (one or two paragraphs), some information about yourself
> (name, bio and photo, but please do remember that your profile might be
> already stored in Pentabarf).
> To submit your talk, click on “Create Event” and select the
> “LibreOffice” DevRoom as the “Track”. Otherwise, your talk will not be
> even considered for any devroom at all.
> If you already have a Pentabarf account from a previous year, even if
> your talk was not accepted, please reuse it. Create an account if, and
> only if, you don’t have one from a previous year. If you have any issues
> with Pentabarf, please contact italo at for help.
> Italo Vignoli: italo at
> Mike Saunders: mike.saunders at
> Blog Post:
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> The Document Foundation & LibreOffice
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