2 commits pushed on gerrit but not retrievable and not present in cgit.

julien2412 serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 22 15:06:01 UTC 2020


On branch master, I pushed these commits:
- https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/106303
tdf#124176: Use pragma once instead of include guards
from çağatay kılınç
- https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/108120
Removed executable permission on file docx
from Andrea Gelmini

I don't see them on https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/log/
and I didn't retrieve them on my local repo.
Here's my git/.config:
	repositoryformatversion = 0
	filemode = true
	bare = false
	logallrefupdates = true
[remote "origin"]
	url = ssh://serval2412@gerrit.libreoffice.org:29418/core.git
	#url = ssh://logerrit/core
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
	pushurl = ssh://logerrit/core
[branch "master"]
	remote = origin
	merge = refs/heads/master
[submodule "translations"]
	active = true
	#url = ssh://serval2412@gerrit.libreoffice.org:29418/translations
	#url = git://gerrit.libreoffice.org/translations
	url = https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/translations
[submodule "dictionaries"]
	active = true
	url = ssh://serval2412@gerrit.libreoffice.org:29418/dictionaries
	#url = https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/dictionaries
[submodule "helpcontent2"]
	active = true
	url = ssh://serval2412@gerrit.libreoffice.org:29418/help
	#url = https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/help
	version = 2

Any thoughts? Did I miss something obvious?


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