Dropping X11 VCL backend

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Tue Dec 29 08:59:54 UTC 2020

Hello Chris,

Just my personal opinion of course but I think my message from 2020-04-25 is
still relevant (see
I'll just quote myself:
1) if Luboš doesn't want or can't anymore fix the Skia bugs, whatever the
reasons, who will be able to fix these bugs?
Indeed, 95% of Skia patches are from Luboš. So for me it's a risk.
Ideally there should be someone not from Collabora, nothing against this
company but LO shouldn't rely exclusively from it for this very central

2) Even if Luboš does a great job fixing Skia bugs, there are only 6 opened
now on about 50 bugs declared on tdf#129062 (Meta Skia).
However it seems only LO people declared Skia bugs therefore I expect far
more bugs when it'll be default in 7.0. So I think we should keep the
possibility to revert the default option for 7.0.1/7.0.2 just in case.
For those who would consider this as very hypothetical, just consider
Firebird experience.

3) Is there some documentation to facilitate newcomers or not LO newcomers
devs to work on this?
(I found nothing in https://wiki.documentfoundation.org) "

About 2) there are now 14 open bugs now.

I had put this kind of comments here:
https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=132323 (Make SKIA
default. Move OpenGL and GDI rendering to Expert configuration)

I always support removing old things if they're broken, experimental, (eg: I
removed VLC support and tried to remove TB AB but stuck because public API)
but I'm against if they're still used and there's no ready replacement.
Also, as long as Luboš is the only person able to maintain support of Skia,
I think it's too risky.


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