Delete graphics inside cell (Writer Table)

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Fri Feb 14 08:45:21 UTC 2020

Thanks a lot!

This approach also helps to get a better understanding, where
propterties are stored and how they can be changed.


On 14.02.20 06:38, Michael H wrote:
> The graphic positioning information is stored in the document as a
> string of tagged text.  The anchor point defines where in the stream the
> tags sit, which also defines where the zero point for drawing is.  But
> for managing the item in the table, It likely would help to view the xml
> to understand where it sits. whether the "paragraph" means the paragraph
> that the table sits within, or whether it means the paragraph that sits
> inside the cell, or whether there's another level (maybe the table row)
> that this setting defines the graphic to sit when it appears within the
> table.  
> To view the xml, you can either rename the .odt document to end in .zip
> and peek at it with an archive manager, or save the document as flat
> opendocument (.fodt). 
> Once you understand where the text that defines the graphic is stored,
> hopefully that makes the solution obvious. 
> On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 2:21 PM fxruby <fxruby at
> <mailto:fxruby at>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I'm writing a java app for updating tables of a writer document.
>     I want to delete all graphics of a cell (there are two graphics anchored
>     to the cell, one as 'as char' and the other one 'to paragraph').
>     I can delete the one which is anchored 'as char' by overwriting the
>     string of the cell. But I can't get the one which is anchored as 'to
>     paragraph' (the anchor is inside the cell).
>     What is the correct approach to delete the graphic?
>     kind regards,
>     Andy
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