Need some help about tdf#130681 (Charts disappear when saving docx as odt)

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Sun Feb 16 09:00:46 UTC 2020


I'm giving a try to tdf#130681 (Charts disappear when saving docx as odt)
and it seems we got a problem with embedding objects management.
The test file of this bugtracker contains 4 graphs and when opening it, I
see there are 16 calls to EmbeddedObjectContainer::AddEmbeddedObject

In fact for each graph, this method is called 4 times:
1) comphelper::EmbeddedObjectContainer::CreateEmbeddedObject via

2) comphelper::EmbeddedObjectContainer::InsertEmbeddedObject via

3) EmbeddedObjectContainer::InsertEmbeddedObject this time via
SwOLEObj::SetNode <- SwOLENode::SwOLENode <- SwNodes::MakeOLENode <-
sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager::InsertEmbObject <-
(the same as 2) )

4) EmbeddedObjectContainer::InsertEmbeddedObject this time via

I don't know the embedded object management, so why not for the 3 first but
the last one seems to break the object numbering, see
To be sure, I disabled part of 4) see

Any thoughts here?


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