The Meson interviews

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Sat Feb 22 12:40:50 UTC 2020

Ilmari Lauhakangas kirjoitti 19.2.2020 klo 17.23:
> As promised in the ESC call last week, I went and conducted interviews 
> with people who are/were involved in migrating the build systems of big 
> FOSS projects from Autotools to Meson.
> The compiled interviews are available as an 18 page document in .odt and 
> .pdf formats here: 
> There is also a short document collecting benefits and concerns from the 
> perspective of LibreOffice.
> If someone is interested in the documents, but is unable to access TDF 
> Nextcloud, please contact me in private.

It seems obvious that our build system is in a way better shape than the 
ones these interviewees migrated away from. We have been blessed with 
some very diligent build system hackers. Yet, some day we have to fly 
out of the Autotools nest.

It would be nice to make a decision on this topic at the next ESC call. 
I don't care, if it is a decision to not make a decision. This sort of 
an undecision should come with a clear condition on getting back to the 
topic. Like:

"We can't decide on this until my concerns have been addressed"
"We can't decide on this, because I want to first evaluate other build 

The latter reason should come with a promised timeframe.


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