Trusted certificates in LibreOffice 6.3

Kaleun Steve.Martin at
Wed Feb 26 13:13:27 UTC 2020

Miklos Vajna-6 wrote
> Similarly to the nss backend, the xmlsec-mscng keys manager is based on
> the simple keys store from xmlsec core. If keys are not found in the
> simple keys store, then the MS Certificate store (the "MY" store by
> default, visible as Personal -> Certificates in certmgr.msc) is used to
> look up keys.

That works. My self-created certificate is displayed in my MS certificate
store under "My certificates". The certificate is also displayed in
LibreOffice and I can successfully sign with this certificate.

Miklos Vajna-6 wrote
> If the certificate is trusted there, LO is supposed to trust it as well.

I think that's exactly the problem. Do you know how I can tell Windows that
this certificate can be trusted?



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