Duplicate .uno commands

Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 2 07:23:36 UTC 2020


In tdf#129549 [1], two .uno commands were identified as duplicating: 
.uno:BulletsAndNumberingDialog and .uno:OutlineBullet. First of them is 
Writer-specific [2]; second is not [3].

In Writer, both of them are routed to SwTextShell::ExecEnterNum, and 
handled identically (in the same switch case), opening the bullets and 
numbering dialog.

They have identical UI names ("Bullets and Numbering"); similar (but not 
identical) icons (see [4] for screenshot of them side by side using 
Colibre icon set); and they both are used in Writer's UI: 
.uno:BulletsAndNumberingDialog in main menu [5], .uno:OutlineBullet in 
context menu [6].

The problem with this, besides duplication itself (including e.g. 
drawing icons), is that both of them appear in customization dialog, and 
that's confusing. Having two elements in customization dialog with same 
name, but different operation, as often happening, is already bad enough 
(user has to experiment to find the one that is needed; that was handled 
partially in tdf#108458); but having two totally identical elements is 
too much IMO. Users would struggle to find the difference; and anyway 
assume they just didn't find the scenario where they act differently.

The question is: how to handle this? I suppose that one of them 
(.uno:BulletsAndNumberingDialog) should be deprecated and hidden from 
the customization UI, and its uses replaced with the other. I suppose we 
can't drop it completely for compatibility reasons (might it be used in 
user code?).

So is there something I miss about these two commands behaving 
identically? Might there be a reason to keep it as is? and is there an 
existing mechanism to hide some .uno commands from the customization UI?

[1] https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=129549
[4] https://i.imgur.com/tTAMjDb.png

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