[Bug 115747] Can't edit file on samba shares

Finway finway at orange.fr
Fri Jul 10 15:13:41 UTC 2020

Wols Lists wrote
> On 28/01/19 07:55, Kaganski Mike wrote:
>> Hi Thorsten!
>> On 28.01.2019 5:32, Thorsten Behrens wrote:
>>> Kaganski Mike wrote:
>>>> My vision of this would me that if inability to create lockfiles
>>>> needs to be handled specially at all, then at maximum a warning
>>>> infobar telling that "no lockfile was created, so clashes are
>>>> possible" could be shown, but not limiting user's ability to work
>>>> (because technically nothing prevents users).
>>> That appears backwards to me. My take is, software should always go
>>> the safe path by default, and offer the dangerous one only after
>>> explicit consent. So with the infobar idea, that would mean open
>>> read-only, but perhaps provide the option to switch to edit mode while
>>> keeping the filename?
>> Well - that'd be OK IMO :-)
> Maybe with a follow-up warning on saving "you are about to save a file
> someone else may have open. Either you or they could lose their changes".
> Cheers,
> Wol
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oHi everyone !

To list the 2 main problems I see that may put a user in this situation:
- administrator doesn't allow to create hidden file on a server (dot file
- administrator doesn't allow to create new file on a server (yet to modify
some/all existing ones)

What canNOT be done:
- use special file convention behavior for a single user (at worst have
administrator strategy (save in a special server folder, save with special
name convention,... shared by all the network users), but that's kind of a
new development I guess !!)
- (even) use a special behavior for a single user may be problematic (an
option to ignore warnings/protections when lock-file cannot be create could
be problematic ; yet to be allowed to select in in "advanced options" why

To compare with MS behavior in this case:
- by default a file on a server cannot be modified by the user
- a banner to "activate" the document is shown with a warning
- a warning appears when saving

the already given solutions may fit the idea to fix the problem
(which prevents me to use LO at work for example ;-))

Thanks for your work <3

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