GSoC Styles Inspector Week 6 Report

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Mon Jul 13 04:36:21 UTC 2020


Work done last week :-
* tdf#134568 Omit Default Character Styles (MERGED)
* tdf#134567 Show all properties in DPS (MERGED)
* tdf#134562 Added check for textnode (MERGED)
* tdf#134661 Issue in Inspector update. Previously "NotifyItemUpdate()" was
used to detect all PS and CS changes, changed it such that any change in
SwWrtShell is detected in the Inspector. (UNDER REVIEW)
* tdf#134555  <> Added "Direct
Formatting" row at the Inspector (UNDER REVIEW)
* Cleanup: Fix variable names for Inspector (UNDER REVIEW)

To do for this week :-
* Merge all Under Review patches.
* Add color Box wherever we have color Hex names (tdf#134561)
* Show properties in human readable form (tdf#134560)

Thank you for reading, thank you mentors for the guidance :)

sincere regards,
Shivam Kumar Singh
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