GSoC week 7 Styles Inspector Report

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Tue Jul 21 07:36:46 UTC 2020

Work done last week :-
* Solved tdf#134555 Show Direct Formatting at the Inspector MERGED
* Solved tdf#134816 Crash when using a parentless style MERGED
* Added support for showing and hiding Asian and Complex fonts MERGED
* Cleanup patch MERGED
* Improve hierarchy viewing in Inspector UNDER REVIEW

Work to be done this week.
* The Inspector is fully functional now, it just does not look very good,
The main job now is to make it informative for a common user, I am working
on pretty printing patches now.
* Make property names human readable
* Manually Hide some defaultly appearing properties from DF.
* Grey out disabled properties (Under Review)
* Add color box (not sure if this is possible)

Thanks to my mentors for all the help, special thanks to Caolan for always
guiding me in ui related stuff.

Shivam Kumar Singh
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