Need help for unit tests

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Sun Jul 26 23:17:56 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I need again help in unit tests.
I'm working on
That is continuation for
FILESAVE: PPTX: transparency gradient on solid fill is not considered in 

This part is about transparency in charts. I have (until now) three 
files to be examined, each with one problem. I have used assertXPath on 
the saved pptx file. I have expected to get /ppt/charts/chart1.xml in 
all three cases, but I get chart1.xml for the first file, chart2.xml for 
the second and chart3.xml for the third file. You see it in 
SdOOXMLExportTest1::testTdf128345Chart_CS_TG() in 

Why is it not chart1.xml in all cases? Do I miss something?
Are these numbers stable?
How can I force to get chart1.xml in the export to pptx?

I have used assertXPath, because I do not know, how to access a chart 
and its parts from the active document in a unit test. Any hint, how to 
directly get the start and end color of a transparency gradient of a 
data point, for example?

I have seen in
2541      Reference<drawing::XShape> 
How is the string build, what does it mean?

And a general review of the patch would be nice too.

Kind regards

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