GSoC Week 8 Styles Inspector Report

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Mon Jul 27 17:31:31 UTC 2020

Last week was the 8th and the last week before the second evaluation.

Work done :-
* tdf#134564 and tdf#134578, It was a little inconvenient to see the
hierarchy in the different styles/properties in the Inspector. Added Tree
Lines to understand parent child relations properly. Also updated ui file
such that unused properties are now greyed out.MERGED
* Headers were added to the ui file so that users can resize the
property/value column according to desire. MERGED
* tdf#135038 Sort the properties for any style for more ordered
inspections. MERGED
* cleanup patch. MERGED
* Direct Formatting pane would always show a few properties by default.
Though it's correct and they should be shown, yet it's confusing to find
properties not manually formatted in the DF pane. Added a patch to hide
them from the panel. MERGED

To do for this week:-
* LO crashes on inserting a chart and then doing undo with Experimental
Features enabled. tdf#135179 and tdf#135178. Fix this
* The ui file shows a weird behaviour, the height of the panel is different
in different environments for different users.tdf#134831. Fix this
* Add translator for the properties
* Add colour box to the Inspector

Much thanks to Tomaz, Heiko, Mike and Caolan for always being available
when I am stuck somewhere and guiding me.

Shivam Kumar Singh
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