Are my two Control keys different?

Wols Lists antlists at
Wed Jun 3 10:58:47 UTC 2020

On 03/06/20 08:49, Steve Fanning wrote:
> By way of counterexample, the Calc keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F2 is intended
> to be equivalent to selecting Insert > Function in the Menu bar and both
> should display the Function Wizard dialog. However using my left Control
> key, Ctrl+F2 appears to do nothing, while using the right key, Ctrl+F2
> displays the Function Wizard dialog as expected. This behaviour is
> identical for my native Windows 10 version of Calc and for a Linux
> version running in a virtual terminal through VMWare.
> So in summary, is there a technical reason why my two Control keys are
> not always interchangeable?

Some form of cock-up? I'm puzzled by your description - especially the
fact that native Windows behaves the same as VMWare, but from a hardware
point of view the two keys are different, and there is no reason why
they should behave the same.

So the obvious explanation to me is actually faulty hardware - one of
the scan codes is not being generated properly by the keyboard.

Now if you'd said a VirtualBox window behaved differently to native
Windows, I would not have been surprised at all - VirtualBox intercepts
the RH control key ...


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