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Hi Noel,

	Switching this to the public dev list - it prolly belongs there and
re-attaching your profile; even if the document is not publishable.

On 03/06/2020 08:32, Noel Grandin wrote:
> So the problem here is the dreaded GetOptimalHeights problem, which
> triggers tons of formula work.

	Oh - that is rather silly. The 'script type' detection thing looks like
a madness to me - we shouldn't need to calculate the formula to detect
its script type.

	Breaking UpdateScriptType -> GetString

	might be good; but I think we can do better.

	I suspect that we should annotate shared formulae in mode detail - we
spend some time scanning them anyway for various other conditions on
load and elsewhere - to determine if the root formula can return a
string or not.

	if we have SIN(), SUM(), AVERAGE() or some simple arithmetic operators
at the bottom [ we can scan the RPN backwards for the root node ] -
there are really only ~10 formulae that are used in anger in most
spreadsheets - we can be sure that the result will be either numeric, or
an #ERR123 type thing.

	In either case - it will not have some complex script type. It strikes
me that adding this intelligence to:

class FindEditCellsHandler

    bool operator() (size_t nRow, const ScFormulaCell* p)
        // With a formula cell, it's considered an edit text cell when
        // the result is multi-line or it has more than one script types.
        SvtScriptType nScriptType =
mrColumn.GetRangeScriptType(miAttrPos, nRow, nRow, miCellPos);
        if (IsAmbiguousScriptNonZero(nScriptType))
            return true;

        return const_cast<ScFormulaCell*>(p)->IsMultilineResult();

	Would give us what we want =) although perhaps in the RangeScriptType
method it woudl be better.

	How does that sound ? =)



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