trying to prove out negbinomdist

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Hi Nicholas,

On Wednesday, 2020-06-03 08:49:01 -0400, Nicholas Ferguson wrote:

> This might be an unusual question for this site.  But I cannot prove out the negative binomial distribution, by so called hard coding the function per LibreOffice docs….a jpg of that function is attached.  Does anyone have a clue. Though I will add…Microsoft Excel has the same problem.   I did search for its corresponding code in C++/H in libreoffice source…but that didn't help either…
> =negbinomdist(1;14.4;.92)
> =(FACT(1+14.4-1)/(FACT(1)*FACT(14.4-1)))*(power(.92;14.4)*power(1-.92;1))

You are overlooking that X and R are defined to be integer values, so
effectively is calculated as
and if you substitute 14.4 with 14 in your manual approach to form
you'll discover that both results are almost equal, apart from some
precision error of 5.55111512312578E-17

See also the ODF Formula (ODFF) definition at


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