Status of ODF 1.3 implementation in LibreOffice 7.0

Samuel Mehrbrodt s.mehrbrodt at
Thu Jun 4 11:29:06 UTC 2020

> * ODF Toolkit:
> The ODF Validator can now validate ODF 1.3 documents, both in the 0.9 
> and 1.0 branches; the only missing feature is recognition of the new 
> ODF Global Document Template media type, which requires ODFDOM to 
> support ODF 1.3 first, so for this bit there are only pull requests 
> that can't be merged yet.

Small correction: The pull requests to recognize the new ODF Global 
Document Template media type have been merged, into new ODF 1.3 
branches. They just haven't seen a release yet (Svante will do that at 
some point).



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