Update of https://odfvalidator.org/

Guilhem Moulin guilhem at libreoffice.org
Thu Jun 4 18:19:02 UTC 2020

Hi there,

On Thu, 04 Jun 2020 at 19:38:29 +0200, Michael Stahl wrote:
> On 04.06.20 16:58, Regina Henschel wrote:
>> Michael has listed in his summary of ODF 1.3 implementation some changes
>> for the validator, especially I read "Support 1.3 in web validator".
>> But https://odfvalidator.org/ has no item for ODF 1.3 and automatic
>> detection fails for ODF 1.3 too.
> probably a question for tdf-infra? CC'ing Guilhem

Please use hostmaster at documentfoundation.org (or website at global.libreoffice.org)
for infra matters.

Updated the instance at https://odfvalidator.org/ , thanks for the poke.

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