trying to fix the problem with hanging UI tests

Noel Grandin noelgrandin at
Thu Jun 4 18:56:40 UTC 2020


I know there is a fair amount of grumbling on the IRC channel, but that is
just people blowing off steam.

Nobody is seriously interested in deleting all that good work that you and
others did.

At the moment, we have some competing demands on the UI tests:

(1) on the one hand, we don't want them to hang up the jenkins builds,
which used to be a problem, but that is largely taken off care of now
thanks to the timeout plan that cloph added

(2) on the other hand, when they __do__ hang up, we want to know where and
how they hung up, which is not easy because we are dealing with two
different languages and runtimes across several different processes.

So there have been patches back and forth between various people and it
seems like we're still converging on a solution.

So take heart! All is not lost!

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