ESC meeting minutes: 2020-06-04

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Thu Jun 4 21:13:41 UTC 2020

Miklos Vajna wrote:
> * ODF extensions (Michael S)
>   + surprised to find 39 of them in the code
>   + please add new ones to wiki
>     + all these should be listed on the wiki page!
>     + they didn't go into 1.3, partly due to this
>     + please take care of this
>     + there is a "check implementer notes" script to check missing entries (Thorsten)
>       + assuming you at least added a test for the extension, the script should catch badness
> AI: build a commit list + names (Thorsten)
>     + please take care
script is here:

Once is merged, and a
handful of manual additions to the implementer notes wiki page, we're
now down to zero hits.

So nothing to do anymore for now, but please - Cloph, could you run
this script before every major release at least, as part of the x.0.0
RC1 (or something) release process, and post the list of offenders (if
any) here?


-- Thorsten
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