Hundreds of redundant icons installed on Linux

Chris Mayo aklhfex at
Sat Jun 6 17:12:57 UTC 2020

Seen in /usr/share/icons, in Ubuntu 20.04:

or libreofficedev7.0-freedesktop-menus-7.0.0-0.noarch.rpm

1) Easiest change with the biggest impact is to not duplicate icons 
from the hicolor theme into the defunct gnome theme:

Are the locolor icons used? Not duplicates but can they be completely 

2) SVG icons are installed in the fixed size directories

/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps $ ls -w 60 libreoffice-*
libreoffice-base.png libreoffice-impress.svg
libreoffice-base.svg libreoffice-main.png
libreoffice-calc.png libreoffice-main.svg
libreoffice-calc.svg libreoffice-math.png
libreoffice-chart.png libreoffice-math.svg
libreoffice-chart.svg libreoffice-startcenter.png
libreoffice-draw.png libreoffice-startcenter.svg
libreoffice-draw.svg libreoffice-writer.png
libreoffice-impress.png libreoffice-writer.svg

These SVG icons often look like the source for the PNG icons - they are 
different at different sizes and not just scaled. Could just ignore on 
installation. But the scalable/mimetypes SVGs appear to contain 
multiple sizes of icons - unless that is a special format?


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