Aw: Re: Forced Updates? WTF?

Ralf Quint at
Wed Jun 10 03:09:10 UTC 2020

On 6/9/2020 3:18 PM, Christoph Schäfer wrote:
> Hi,
> It's true, I don't know what happened. I originally installed LO via the MSI installers from the TDF site, and I have no other "helpful software" regarding updates on my computers. Oh, wait, on my laptop I have installed a Windows update blocker, and yet the LO update happened in the background. At least on the laptop the "Recently Used" list wasn't lost, but the icon set reverted to the default setting. On my PC even the list was lost, the icon set was also changed, and the document restauration didn't work after the PC was forced to reboot, so I lost some work.
> If TDF is responsible for this (and I added a qualifier to my original post), I actually consider this to be rude behaviour.
I have LO installed for years on each and every one of my computer, a 
couple of Windows 7 still, this laptop I am typing running Windows 8.1, 
3 PCs running Windows 10 as well as a MacBook Pro (High Sierra only 
though) and two machines running Linux Mint 19.1. Not one of them is 
"updating in the background", I usually do this on the Windows machines 
once a month via Ninite (though most of the initial install have been 
through what you are likely referring to as TDF), I have to download a 
newer version manually on the Mac (from TDF) and the only machines that 
semi-automatically offer updates for LO are those two Linux boxes, 
though I still have to select and confirm the update each and every time.

And at no time has any of those updates, on any of the systems above, 
messed with previous system settings, at least not in a way that I would 
have noticed...


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