Building LO from source

Ismet Bahadir ismetbahadir at
Thu Jun 11 08:13:26 UTC 2020

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing back.

I noticed that option after I compiled the source. I was looking a way 
to create a .deb file, and checkinstall was the option suggested.

My problem is, the .deb file works fine on Ubuntu 18.04 and I can 
install the extension. However, the same .deb file is installed on 
Debian-10 but I can't install the extension.


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>On 11.06.20 07:34, Ismet Bahadir wrote:
>>And, this is the link to create single DEB file:
>... checkinstall?  why not use --with-package-format=deb which is the supported way to create Debian packages.
>>However, there are other requests. What I need to do is:
>>1) I want to exclude some software such as Draw. How can I exclude those? I'm using checkinstall to create a single DEB file to install LO on other laptops.
>use --with-package-format=deb
>>2) I want to be able to install some extensions. However I'm getting an error on Debian-10 where I can successfully install the extension on Ubuntu-18. Please see extension_error.jpg for the detail. How can I fix this error?
>just a guess, but try using --with-package-format=deb

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