GSoC Styles Inspector [Week 3] Report

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Mon Jun 22 17:56:02 UTC 2020

This week was quite fruitful(then most of all the weeks). Apart from the
usual codebase changes now we can actually see the different properties
listed at the different style levels :)

Work Done :-

1)The UI for the Inspector had been added previously, but there was no
content. This week the property dump feature to show all the Character and
Paragraph properties for the text at the cursor was completed.
2)In Paragraph Styles, for example most of the properties are defined in
the "Default Paragraph Styles" these properties later redefine themselves
at the various child Styles. Relevant code was added to show any property
only on that level in which it gets redefined for the last time i.e at the
level whose value matters for that respective property.

To Do :-

1)There are lots of properties which are shared by PS and CS, for example
"font name", This week I plan to complete a patch such that the inspector
would show that property considering both PS and CS changes.
(As of now there will be 2 "font names" one at PS panel and other at CS
2)Add an interface which will detect which changes has been defined by the
"Character Style", these properties will not be shown in the PS panel, as
CS has more priority over PS.
3)Start working on the Direct Formatting panel.

Feel free to test the "Styles Inspector" once these two patches get merged,
any feedback is more than welcome :)

A big thanks to all my mentors who made sure I don't get stuck anywhere and
always guided me if I do.
No work would have been possible without them !

best regards,
Shivam Kumar Singh
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