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Fri Jun 26 23:17:49 UTC 2020

There were two ways of implementing mathbb and script (mathcal).
First way: using additional font, faking the double stroke and sacript
characters (easy way). LO gains a default font for double stroke and script.
Second way: analyze the code in the brackets and apply to TVARIABLE and
TTEXT nodes a transformation table of symbols (find and replace all of them
until the next font change, probably the best point to implement are the
nodes). This option requires more processing, and also may be difficult
since LO utf chasers are int16 and some chars as U+1D54F 𝕏 may be a little
problematic. As well there are missing symbols on open symbol such as
U+1D54F which would need to be implemented.
Pros of first way: easy and fast, no additional computing required.
Everything goes on double stroke.
Pros second way: allows to choose, possibility of latex imitations and does
not close the door to that simple latex editor there's proposed on the wiki.
Those changes will also be an opportunity to update mathml, since there are
TODOs in this matter and debug it a bit (already working on it).

For the answers I get it's the second way we are taking and will mark
gerrit 97084 <> as abandoned
in the near future. But this will take time, so I ask for patience. The
other point is I have no idea of making fonts, I will code everything as if
the font was updated, but I'm gonna need help with the open symbol stuff.
And also, if you know how to deal with the overflow with unicode chars with
chars like U+1D54F, please let me know.

El sáb., 27 jun. 2020 a las 0:26, Thorsten Behrens (<thb at>)

> Hi *,
> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > Please do not make math rely on them. They are not available in Linux
> > distributions and I will definitely not ship them in my LO packages.
> >
> In principle, those fonts would be SIL OFL, so not a blocker for
> Debian.
> Extra size matters of course, so just to close this discussion here
> for the moment: Regina & Dante are working on extending OpenSymbol
> instead.
> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten
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