Getting a Table Formula in UNO

Michael Stahl mst at
Mon Jun 29 12:46:11 UTC 2020

On 28.06.20 20:57, Michael wrote:
> I'm trying to write a unit test for 
> As I see it, 
> in order for this unit test to be effective, it needs to either compare 
> to the formatted display value of the function (to check whether or not 
> "** Expression is faulty **" is being shown) or compare to the formula 
> text value (to see if it is getting translated the way I expect). But, I 
> am having a heck of a time getting either of those in the unit test.
> I put what I have so far in with the 
> output at the bottom in a comment.

apparently there's a SwXCell::getFormula() function...

there's a problem in line 24:

    uno::Reference<table::XCell2> xCell2(xTable, uno::UNO_QUERY);

this should be 'xTable->getCellByName("B4")' not "xTable".

but line 62 already prints an empty formula from XCell interface.

> The operational code in DomainMapper_Impl.cxx appears to be writing the 
> formula text to a when importing the 
> document, but trying to get an XTextField from an XCell like this:
>          uno::Reference<text::XTextField> xTextField(xCell, uno::UNO_QUERY);
> In the unit test isn't working, is false.

a cell isn't a text field; to enumerate the fields in the cell you need 
to first enumerate the paragraphs in the cell and then enumerate the 
text portions in the paragraph... or use helpers getParagraph() / 
getRun() from SwModelTestBase.

> I can get a calculated value by getting an XText from the XCell, but 
> that's not what I am after.
> As far as looking at the formatted display value, from what I can tell 
> in a debugging session it seems like I need 
> DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateTableFields() to run, but I don't know if 
> this is happening when running a unit test, maybe it isn't. I can't tell 
> if there is some way to force it from a unit test.

probably it's not happening automatically but you can call UpdateFields 
either via SwDoc or by dispatching ".uno:UpdateFields".

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